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Kiss me sign with sea in the background

Kiss me tour! Special for two

Daily excursion

Torre di Palme is undoubtedly a romantic place. But how could it not be?

Its brick houses, crenellated towers, terracotta chimneys, colored windows, flower pots everywhere, the view of the sea ... and ... the story of the two lovers Antonio and Laurina.

This tour includes a visit to the Cugnolo wood and will suggest beautiful views for your photos.

An excellent tasting will leave you some time to dedicate to yourself and then pleasantly return to the starting point of Porto San Giorgio.

Being a private tour we can dedicate together with the guide the departure time to your wish, excluding night hours for safety reasons.

Upon returning, the nice gift of some of your printed photos will be the right reminder of this experience.

On request every day
Duration 3 ore
Cost 70 €

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