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Moresco from high with panorama

Moresco, an enchanted village

Daily excursion

Moresco is undoubtedly one of the "jewels" of the province of Fermo.

Already from the lookout point of the capital, an attentive eye can see the battlements of its heptagonal tower that stands out on the ridge.

The itinerary, full of ups and downs, will lead us to the discovery of this small village along secondary roads between vineyards and olive groves.

Up close the tower seems even more imposing but it is the center of the town with an ellipsoidal structure and particularly well preserved that takes us back to a time that seems to have stopped here.

The tasting stop will be at a farm that produces traditional local meats and cheeses.

Every Wednesday
 Departure hours 15.30
 Duration 3 ore
Cost 70 €
With cycle tour guide

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